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« Located in the heart of the Brazilian Amazon, Heliconia Amazônia Turismo delights travelers in search of authenticity, sharing and conviviality. The agency, surrounded by exceptional guides, accompanies the traveler throughout a stay to the extent of his desires. »

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The Amazon according to your desires



Want to immerse

Embark on a unique cruise and explore the forest at the rhythm of the water

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Cabocla house


A desire for authenticity

Come meet the natives and live like them at Casa Cabocla

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Want to relax in the forest

Choose tranquility and enjoy a comfortable lodge in the heart of the jungle

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« The tourism professional »
In 2010, he graduated from the Rio Uatuma communities in the north of the Amazon in order to develop tourism activities. He reinforces his belief in ecotourism and decides to stay in Manaus to put his expertise at the service of an Amazon that he loves and respects. Thanks to him you travel without unpleasant surprises.



« the man on the ground »
For more than 15 years, he has traveled the Amazon rainforest. This tree climber now knows the forest like a local. His expertise is also regularly solicited by various photographers, scientists or filmmakers. His passion for the region and the deep respect he has for him make him an ideal and resourceful organizer. An outstanding guide, Olivier shares his love of the forest.

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